About the Ledger

This page gives you a brief introduction to the Cosmic Ledger website. The mission statement was written more than a few years ago, but the Standard Disclaimer is still valid.


The Cosmic Ledger is a website with a mission to make your life easier – or more specifically to put an end to it when you are ready. It sounds dramatic, but it really is not, because it is just what life has always been about anyway.

It has been said that if the truth can be told it will be believed. This website is a serious attempt at telling the Truth – however impopular it may be. This steadfast devotion to the Truth comes about from the realization that only the Truth can permanently rid your life of miserableness, suffering and disease.

Although the truth will always be believed, some truths may initially hurt. To see the suffering of others, or even your own, frequently does hurt, and this website will do nothing to avert your eyes. However, as you grow older and wiser, you will appreciate the truth more and the lies less. Eventually you will understand that the world is a just place, fully controlled by an infinitely and absolutely good person.

The material world we live in is illusory by nature and most people have come here to delude themselves. Some become so attached to material things and intellectual ideas that they lose touch with both themselves and other people (these days, the people most out-of-touch are often called psychiatrists, or simply addicts). If you are surrounded by materialistic or irreligious people like these, it is easy to become confused as to what is real and what is not – to mistake illusion for existence. Such confusion is a cause of suffering.

Fortunately and only to be expected, the world comes with many safeguards against too much of a bad thing. These safeguards work at different levels to suit different people, but their activation always takes you at least one step closer to liberty. The journey itself is a process of religion and it is guided by philosophy in general and metaphysics in particular.

To start the journey on the right foot, or at least finish it in the best way possible, you will need to know yourself and your life. The ancient metaphysical devices put in place for this purpose are the focus of this website.

Standard Disclaimer

This website does not belong to the .edu domain and can therefore not be ascribed the inbred credibility sometimes assigned websites that do. In addition, the website does not hold popularity to be an overriding concern and does for that reason not intentionally compromise the truth in any way.

Design & Accessibility

The Cosmic Ledger website has been designed to the highest web standards (as of the date of its last redesign). All pages use valid hypertext markup according to the HTML 4.01 specification, most define the strict document type and all the others the transitional. Only those pages which require inline frames use the transitional document type. The presentation, including layout, relies solely on Cascading Style Sheets. Because more than a few years have passed since the first redesign, another is on the horizon this year. It will use HTML 5 and be easier to maintain. More details can be found on the home page.

The point of using standard HTML and CSS is of course to make the website accessible to as many visitors as possible. All standards-compliant web clients (browsers usually) can access this website and give their users a pleasant and hassle-free experience (at least technically).

Beyond validating hypertext markup and style sheets against their respective specifications, extra effort has been made to use HTML and CSS in ways to maximize the website’s accessibility.


Currently, the only one responsible for the design and all content on this website is its sole author and developer Carl-Magnus Olsson. The website will be opened up to collaboration this year. Maybe you have something to add?

Standing Credits

Besides the obvious credits to Tim Berners-Lee (the inventor of the www), the creators of the Internet, almost countless software programmers, web developers, and many others, the Cosmic Ledger simply states: To God be the Glory!