Access Features

The Cosmic Ledger website contains special features which have no other purpose than to improve accessibility. These features can ease browsing for all visitors and especially those in special environments and with special needs.

All pages have special site navigation links that can be accessed through site navigation bars in many browsers. The links include start page, previous page, next page, up one level and down one level.

Right after any link to the start page, the first link on every page is a so called skip link, linking to the start of page content. Each major section of every page has its own skip link and they can all be accessed through the keyboard using the TAB key.

Access Keys

Access keys or accelerator keys have been defined for all major sections of every page. To move around a page press and hold down ALT or CMD followed by one of the digits listed below.

  • 1 = Content
  • 2 = Site navigation links
  • 3 = More links and other items
  • 4 = Search box
  • 0 = Top of page

Technical Details

The following paragraphs provide information on some of the important technical design decisions which have been made to facilitate or improve website accessibility.

Web Standards

The Cosmic Ledger website was designed to the highest web standards at the time of its launch. The hypertext markup is valid HTML 4.01 (almost entirely adhering to the strict document type definition). Its presentation, including layout, relies solely on Cascading Style Sheets. In addition to valid HTML and CSS, this website tries to comply with web content accessibility standards, such as WCAG.

Visual Design

The visitor decides the text size used by this website through their web browser. Unless they have chosen tiny text, there will simply be no tiny text. Only relative font sizes are used.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) define presentation and layout. All significant content is still available when style sheets are not. Separating style from content makes it possible to update presentation and layout without having to update all content. It also makes creating and maintaining the content a lot easier.

A semi-liquid layout avoids horizontal scrollbars (perhaps the most annoying thing any website can have), keeps lines of text at legible lengths, and allows the user to increase the text size without breaking layout or wasting screen space.

  • Links are written to make sense out of context. They never have names such as click, tap, here, read more or similar.
  • When links appear in running text, and all other places where links cannot be assumed to appear from their context, they are always underlined.
  • Links never use dark red or green colors on black or very dark backgrounds, nor do they use these colors within black or very dark running text.
  • Most links use the title attribute to describe the link target in greater detail. All links to off-site pages use this attribute.
  • Two links of the same name always point to the same target.


All meaningful images have meaningful alt text. The text is there to replace the image – not describe it.