This is not a natural disaster.
It is a man-made disaster created by policies
that are not humane
John Ging, director of the U.N. Relief and Works Agency in Gaza

Justice for Palestine

Flying Palestine Flag
Marking Nakba Day

Today, 15 May, marks Nakba Day; the Day of Disaster commemorates the expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland between 1947 and 1949. The day before, 14 May, the so called State of Israel was proclaimed. This year will also mark the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War and the so called Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

Since disasters often bring out the best in people, giving them opportunity to think of other people and let go of material attachments, I thought I would share some good news from Europe. As a sign of solidarity with the Palestinians, a Palestinian flag has been flying over the City Hall in the Irish capital, Dublin. I do appreciate and encourage the good gesture. If I had a Palestinian flag (and a flag pole), I would fly one too. Till then, the above photo will have to do.

The motion was proposed by Councillor John Lyons, who said the move would support communities living under a form of apartheid, worse than South Africa. It was carried with the support of Sinn Féin and left-wing parties by 42 to 11, with seven abstentions.

The city council will fly the flag as a gesture of our solidarity with the people of Palestine living under occupation in the West Bank and Gaza, with the Palestinian citizens of Israel denied basic democratic rights and with the over 7 million displaced Palestinians denied the right of return to their homeland until the end of May.

The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign welcomed the announcement on Facebook, RT reported, with Chairperson Fatin Al-Tamimi saying she was speechless as she thanked the Irish people for their support:

No words can describe my feeling, so full of gratitude to all the wonderful Irish people.

I have with Joy noted that the Palestinian flag comes without satanic stars, so common on the US and EU flags. In case someone does not know, the Irish flag is unblemished as well.

One Apartheid State Down,
One to Go

For obvious reasons, this website supports the BDS movement. A one-state solution is the only viable one. At the time of apartheid South Africa, no one would have dared suggest a two-state solution, which would have implied at least one racist state. At this time, no one should suggest that Palestinians should give up their land, unless they themselves are willing to do the same.

Evolving Document

The following information was published before 2015.

God willing, this document will mature and expand as we and the people of Palestine come ever closer to liberation. If you know of any links suitable for inclusion on this page, please contact the author.

As always, remember the good news that God, the absolutely good person behind the temporal world we live in, saves everyone who calls on Him for salvation.


Palestine is a contentious geographical area along the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean and stretching inland to the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. It has a long and somewhat tumultuous history, especially in recent time. The first clear use of the term Palestine was in the 5th century BC, at which time it referred to the entire area between Phoenicia and Egypt. Jerusalem and Gaza are two major (in both ancient and modern times) cities of Palestine.

In the past, Palestine has been under the rule of the Persian, Roman, Ottoman, and British empires. It has also been less extensibly controlled by numerous other peoples, including Israelites, Syrians, Arabs, and Egyptians. An ancient name for Palestine is Canaan. Under this name, the territory was an independent country. Canaan dates back at least 4 000 years.

Under the rule of the Roman Empire and the reign of emperor Constantine, 324 – 337 AD, Christianity became the official religion of Palestine. As a center of Christianity, it attracted numerous monks and religious scholars. Beginning in 634, the Islamic Empire conquered Palestine. In 636, the Muslim conquest of Syria symbolized the complete Muslim takeover of the region, then referred to as Greater Syria. After having been under Egyptian and Ottoman control, the British took over and were formally awarded the mandate to govern the region in 1922.

Before the Zionist takeover in 1948, Palestine had a mixed population of primarily Muslims and Christians, but also a smaller number of Jews. For centuries Jews, Christians, and Muslims lived in peace side by side, but that started to change with the advent of Zionism – the secular and racist movement for a so called Jewish state in Palestine. The movement triggered the now infamous Balfour Declaration of 1917. The declaration was a letter from the British Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour to Baron Rothschild, favoring the establishment of a national home for the Jewish people in Palestine. By this time, the Rothschilds (a banking family founded in Frankfurt am Main by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a so called Jew) had exerted great influence over British foreign and domestic policy for well over a century.

In the 1930s, with the help and material assistance of the German National Socialists, commonly known as Nazis, a great number of Jewish Zionists arrived from Europe to Palestine. The National Socialist leader, Adolf Hitler, personally supported Zionism. It should be noted that most Jews in Europe at this time were against the establishment of a Jewish state.

Using terrorism as well as their financial and political influence in Britain, the Zionists eventually seized control over Palestine from the British. In the late 1940s, Zionist paramilitary forces drove 700 000 Palestinians from their homes while establishing the so called state of Israel, officially proclaimed on 14 May 1948. The Zionist occupation of Palestinian land, now known as Israeli occupied territory, has continued till this day.

The ethnic cleansing was exacerbated further in 1967, when so called Israeli soldiers occupied the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. The occupation of the Gaza Strip officially ended in 2005. The occupation of the West Bank is ongoing with its Palestinian inhabitants subject to military rule and law (so called Israelis living in the West Bank are subject to civil law). Since International law prohibits an occupier to establish settlements in occupied territory, so called Israeli settlements in the West Bank are recognized as illegal by the UN.

As the so called state of Israel was preparing an elaborate celebration for its 50th anniversary, the Palestinian Authority, an interim self-government body established in 1994, decided to inaugurate a day for remembrance of the catastrophic exodus of Palestinians from their homeland. They chose the date 15 May, the day after the so called Israeli declaration of independence, to mark the Nakba – the Catastrophe in Arabic.

The Nakba took place during the late 1940s. More than 500 villages were demolished In 2014, Zochrot, an Israeli organisation that is jointly run by Jews and Palestinians. a phone app called iNakba that maps the hundreds of destroyed villages across Israel. Briefly it became one of the most popular iPhone downloads, connecting refugees through new technology. iNakba visibly restores a Palestine that Israel hoped literally to have wiped off the map. Refugee families are trying to reclaim mosques and churches, usually the only buildings still standing. in the villages demolished by the anti-Christian state.

Interest in the Nakba by organizations representing refugees in Lebanon surged in the 1990s due to the perception that the refugees’ right of return might be negotiated away in exchange for Palestinian statehood. They had a desire to send a clear message to the international community that this right was non-negotiable.

As of 2017, the process of ethnic cleansing is still ongoing, and the overwhelming majority of Palestinian refugees have been unable to return to their villages. Instead, millions of Palestinians have been forced to raise generations in refugee camps (outside of Palestine, primarily in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon). In excess of 5 million Palestinian refugees want to be able to return to their homes, but the so called state of Israel stubbornly persists in denying them this opportunity.

A further 1,6 million Palestinians face grueling discrimination in Palestine and are forced to live under oppression as second-class citizens in the so called Jewish state. Since 1948, more than 50 laws have been implemented by the foreign occupiers that discriminate against indigenous Palestinians not calling themselves Jews. (It should be noted that the immigrant Jews, primarily from Europe, are known to also mistreat indigenous Jews; and they seem to be even less fond of the all-black Jews from Ethiopia).

Almost two million Palestinians are living under a military siege in the Gaza Strip. Its inhabitants are denied freedom to move, access to clean water, food, medicine, and electricity.

Over 1,7 million Palestinians live under occupation in the West Bank, imprisoned by a now infamous wall put up by the so called state of Israel, popularly known as Israhell.

Zionism and Nazism

Both Zionism and Nazism are racist movements. The common origin and the racial politics of the Nazis and the Zionists help explain why the Israeli Zionists of today in so many ways resemble the German Nazis of the past. The ultimate goal of the Zionists is the annihilation, or at best expulsion, of the Palestinians (Jews, Christians, Muslims and everyone else not willing to submit to a racist state) from their homeland of centuries, if not thousands of years. It is healthy to remember that Zionists care no more about Jews than they do about everyone else – the Zionists collaborated with the Nazis as if they were one and the same.

The Zionist connection with Nazism has also been evident post World War II. At the time of Apartheid South Africa, the Zionist state in Palestine was its closest friend and ally. A starting point for the evil partnership was probably the Israeli occupation of all Palestinian territories in 1967, after which the Zionist state found itself estranged from former allies. As international pariahs, the two racist states developed a secretive military relationship, exchanging highly sensitive material, including nuclear technology.

Note: Apartheid South Africa (1948–1994) was a state controlled by Afrikaner nationalists who had enthusiastically supported Adolf Hitler during World War II.

Justice, Peace and Anti-Semitism

In all conflicts, the most important thing to remember is that there can never be lasting peace without justice. Ironically, the Zionists repeatedly and predictably invoke anti-Semitism as an excuse to promote their goals and continue their violations and aggressions against both individuals and groups standing in their way or possessing land and other resources they want for themselves. The Zionists are no more Semites than the Palestinians, but racists have never been known for their education or telling the truth anywhere or at anytime. It is actually the Zionists who are anti-Semitic. Semites are people with a Semitic language as their mother tongue. This clearly includes the Palestinians, but less clearly the Ashkenazi Jews, who speak Jiddish, a language developed in the Rhineland (Germany) and also known as the language of Ashkenaz (today it is called Middle High German). The Zionists also use anti-Semitism directed at Jews to further their cause. In order to maintain a Jewish majority in the State of Israel, its leaders promote anti-Semitism throughout the world. Without enough hostility towards Jews, the influx of Jewish immigrants would soon drop below a critical treshold and the Jewish population would become overshadowed by the Palestinian. According to a recent survey cited by the Haaretz newspaper (the oldest daily in Israel), more than a third of Israelis are thinking of emigrating.

Note: Hebrew and Arabic are two Semitic languages (both are spoken by muslims in Palestine).

State of Palestine

The State of Palestine, a modern political entity representing Palestine under Israeli occupation, was proclaimed on 15 November 1988 by the Palestinian National Council (PNC). Yasser Arafat (1929–2004), as Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), became the first President of Palestine. As of November 2012, at least 131 of the 193 member states of the United Nations have recognised the State of Palestine, representing the vast majority of the world’s population.

On 29 November 2012, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) voted to recognize Palestine as a non-member observer state, an upgrade from observer entity to a de facto sovereign state. There were 138 votes in favor, 9 against and 41 abstentions. At least 17 European nations voted in favor of the Palestinian resolution, including Austria, France, Italy, Norway and Spain. Only the Czech Republic, the United States, the State of Israel, Canada, Panama and the tiny Pacific Island states Nauru, Palau, Marshall Islands and Micronesia voted against. Why would the United States and Canada shame themselves by obstructing this vote? This informative news article from Veterans Today reports on the Zionist bullying affecting the policies of these and other countries. For people privy to astrology, remember that the Zionist state was declared when the Sun was in the sign of the Bull, a placement promoting fraud, infidelity, and of course bullying (not to mention bullshit).

Sweden and many other European countries withhold recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state until the Palestinians control their own territory. What has been taken by force often has to be reclaimed by force, but international pressure could help end the illegal Zionist occupation without further bloodshed, the way the South African apartheid state came to a peaceful end (dismantled in a series of negotiations culminating in elections in 1994). A first and obvious step would be to stop arming the Zionist state.

The Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip constitutes the southernmost part of Palestine. As the name implies, it is a narrow piece of land, primarily consisting of Gaza city, an ancient and modern city, dating back thousands of years. The Gaza Strip has a Mediterranean coast line, borders on Egypt in the South, and is surrounded by official Israeli occupation in both the North and the West. It is densely populated with 1,7 million inhabitants and the only part of Palestine not officially occupied by the State of Israel (although the Zionist state maintains complete control over the strip’s air space and territorial waters, as well as controls most of its imports and exports). The majority of the population are nowadays Muslims, but there are still thousands of Christians living in the territory. Most Gazans are Palestinian refugees or their descendants. According to International Law, refugees have right of return, but the arrogant Zionist state has so far denied all the refugees of Palestine this basic right.

Illegal Blockade / Siege

In 2007, the State of Israel, with the help of the US-backed Egyptian autocratic ruler Hosni Mubarack (ousted by the people in 2011), imposed even stricter restrictions on the freedom of movement for both goods and people to and from the Gaza Strip. The new restrictions resulted in an effective siege on the strip, closing off all its borders, including sea.

The Zionists imposed the blockade and initial siege to punish the Palestinians for having elected Hamas (a violent resistance group) in a democratic election (the first one held in the Arab world). Among the goods not allowed into Gaza were cement and other construction materials, A4 writing paper (European letter standard), chocolate and coriander. For some unknown reason, cinnamon was not restricted. Thanks to Palestinian resistance and international pressure, the Israeli government has gradually eased the blockade, but it still prohibits or limits basic goods such as cement from entering Gaza. After the fall of Hosni Mubarack in early 2011, a complete siege on the Gaza Strip might no longer be possible, but the border with Egypt is still (as of November 2012) closed for all commercial goods.

According to Amnesty International, the blockade constitutes collective punishment under International law and must be lifted immediately. Most international lawyers, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), agree with Amnesty International and consider the blockade to be illegal under international humanitarian law. In 2009, a UN panel, led by distinguished South African judge and self-confessed Zionist Richard Goldstone, accused Israel of imposing a blockade which amounted to collective punishment. The blockade does not target armed groups but punishes the entire population, of which 800 000 are children, by restricting the entry of food, medical supplies, educational equipment and building materials. The Gaza Strip has by many visitors been likened to an open-air prison. One of the more well-known visitors from the US in 2012 was Noam Chomsky, an internationally renowned MIT professor of linguistics, who writes A visitor to Gaza can’t help feeling disgust at the obscenity of the occupation (See: My Visit to Gaza, the World’s Largest Open-Air Prison).

The European Union (EU) has condemned the illegal blockade on Gaza, a violation of International Law, as unacceptable, but did nothing to stop two massive and horrifying acts of aggression committed by the Zionist state against Gaza. It also did nothing to prevent or stop the state-executed mass murder of foreign nationals on the humanitarian aid convoy aptly called the Freedom Flotilla. This despite Israeli threats made against the flotilla beforehand. Deployment of Navy ships from EU members Italy or Spain could easily have prevented the atrocity, which took place in International waters.

As a result of not being able to freely import and export commercial goods and produce, the once prosperous economy has suffered greatly. The water situation is also grim. The strip is largely dependent on water from Wadi Gaza, most of which is diverted to Jerusalem, causing severe water shortage. According to Amnesty International, the water supplying most of Gaza is 90 percent to 95 percent polluted and unfit for human consumption. Per capita water consumption for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza is about 70 liters per day, while Israeli per capita use is 300 liters per day.

The collapsed economy has forced most of Gaza’s industrial plants to close, resulting in steep increases in unemployment, poverty and childhood malnutrition rates. As of 2012, the unemployment rate is about 40%. Some good news in all the bad is that many people around the world, including orthodox Jews, care enough to protest the great injustice. The Argentinian, Australian, Belgian, Canadian, Chilean, Danish, English, French, German, Greek, Indian, Irish, Italian, Jordanian, Lebanese, Malaysian, Norwegian, Palestinian, Polish, Scottish, Spanish, Tunisian, and US nonviolent Free Gaza Movement has an excellent website with a lot more information on Gaza and the movement’s mission to break the blockade and free the country from Zionist occupation. There is also an affiliated Swedish mission called Ship to Gaza – a part of the Freedom Flotilla coalition.

Challenges to the Blockade

During the height of the siege, a number of international aid convoys reached Gaza by land. More information on these and upcoming convoys attempting to break the still ongoing blockade can be found on the Viva Palestina homepage. In 2010, an international flotilla, consisting of eight ships from six different countries, attempted to break the illegal blockade. The largest ship, the MV Mavi Marmara (a high-capacity passenger vessel carrying over 600 passengers), was violently raided by the Israeli military while sailing the high seas. Nine of the passengers were killed and many more wounded.

Ships trying to break the blockade and improve the conditions for the people continue to sail towards the Gaza Strip every year. They are routinely hijacked by the Israeli military in International Waters. One of the ships raided and forced to make port in the State of Israel in 2012 was the Estelle. A retired member of the Canadian parliament, Jim Manly, was on board. Like the rest of the passengers, he was illegally detained by the Zionist state. Upon his return to Canada 4 days later, he was greeted at the Vancouver airport. The following youtube video of the event contains a lot of information on the blockade and its long-term effects.

Note: The Estelle’s trip was a Swedish initiative with original crew from Finland, Sweden and Norway, joined by representatives from Spain, Italy and Greece, and Jim Manly from Canada. There were five members of Parliament on board from Norway, Sweden, Spain and Greece (2). Three former members of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) who are committed to ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine made a great contribution to the voyage. (Sourced from Gaza’s Ark.)

War on Gaza II

After the first war on Gaza, the Israeli military, euphemistically called the Israel Defence Forces, or IDF for short, continued to kill Gazans almost every month, including a mentally handicapped man and a 13-year-old boy shot in the head while playing football. Both were killed in early November 2012. The man was shot in an Israeli-declared 300-meter-wide no-go zone (an IDF buffer zone more widely known as the Zone of Death), running along the Palestinian side of the Gaza border with Israeli-occupied Palestine. The man did not die immediately, but he could not be rescued by the Gazans in this zone and as a result he died from his injuries. Both deaths probably helped spur more rocket launches from Gaza into Zionist-occupied territory (no Israelis were killed by the rockets fired).

On 14 November 2012, the State of Israel launched a massive military offensive on the Gaza Strip, now known as the second Gaza war, involving at least 1 450 airstrikes. Various Gaza resistance groups responded to the airstrikes by launching an unprecedented total of 1 456 rockets. Two rockets reached the suburbs of Tel Aviv, where they apparently caught the Israeli government by surprise, causing a real siren to sound for the first time since the Gulf War in the early 1990s. No injuries were reported. During the offensive, the IDF killed at least 167 Gazans – including 36 children. At least 971 Palestinian civilians were wounded. A total of 6 Israelis were either killed directly by Gaza rockets or died from injuries, including 4 civilians. At least 219 Israeli civilians were injured.

On 21 November 2012, the second war on Gaza in four years ended with a bilateral ceasefire. The Israeli military offensive finished more quickly than its predecessor (lasting eight days rather than three weeks), with less bloodshed and without a ground invasion. An interim ceasefire agreement is currently in effect. It stipulates opening the crossings and facilitating the movements of people and transfer of goods and refraining from restricting residents’ free movements and targeting residents in border areas, but as of December 2012 there have been no changes on the ground. It may be worth noting that both the first and the second war on Gaza happened to take place within months before an Israeli election, pointing to a dreadful predictability.

Atrocity at Sea

The Israeli decision to use hundreds of commando soldiers against civilians was taken by the Israeli cabinet together with the Israeli top military commanders. What we saw yesterday wasn’t just a failure on the ground. It was actually an institutional failure of a morbid society that a long time ago lost touch with humanity.
Gilad Atzmon, Israeli jazz musician, author and political activist

The quote above comes from an online news article titled Israeli butchery at sea and refers to the lethal attack on an international humanitarian aid convoy destined for Gaza. On 31 May 2010, the State of Israel, in an act of mass murder on the high seas, killed nine passengers aboard the MV Mavi Marmara, the lead ship of the Freedom Flotilla. Since the mass murder took place on a Turkish vessel sailing in international waters and was ordered by the Israeli government, it also constituted an act of war against Turkey. The complete flotilla consisted of eight ships, but two of the ships had been sabotaged by Israeli agents forcing them into port in Cyprus before the attack. The six remaining ships carried close to 700 human rights activists and 10 000 tonnes of aid. To avoid entering Gaza waters by night, the convoy had slowed down its speed, but before dawn, and still more than 100 km off the coast of Gaza, it was raided by the Israeli military. After the raid, the ships were forced to make port in the Israeli city of Ashdod. The attack came as a shock to many people around the world, since few could believe any country would be arrogant enough to raid a civilian aid ship sailing the high seas and think nothing of killing foreign nationals on a mercy mission to bring cement, desalination equipment, writing paper, generators and medical aid to a people suffering from a humanitarian crisis.

The Israeli propaganda machine, primarily aimed at the US public (very little chance of convincing the rest of the world), has released video of passengers on board the Mavi Marmara defending it from the heavily armed special forces. While the passengers used deck chairs and sticks, the soldiers used fire arms. No soldiers were killed, but at least nine passengers lost their lives – the video does not show how. The propaganda machine refers to what took place on the ship as an attack on the soldiers. The journalists on board the ships have had their footage confiscated. No reason has been given as to why. The State of Israel initially said it would prosecute passengers for illegal entry. Defence lawyers for the passengers stated it would have been difficult cases to win for the State of Israel even in Israeli courts, since the passengers were captured in International waters and brought to Israel by military force. After international pressure, primarily from Turkey, the Israeli state later decided to release most of the passengers and all of the foreign nationals, including those that it earlier accused of assaulting their soldiers.

The wounded Turkish survivors have now returned to their native soil. In a broadcast interview on Aljazeera one of the hospitalized victims showed he had been shot in the back. Accounts from the passengers, who according to Mattias Gardell – a Swedish scholar of comparative religion at Uppsala University and one of the passengers – included Christians, Jews and Muslims, socialists, liberals and conservatives from every populated continent, differ from the Israeli version of events. The passengers reported that firing started even before the soldiers had landed on deck and that at least four people were killed execution style. On his return to Sweden, Gardell told Swedish journalists We were victims of a massive military assault (...) It can not be described as anything but piracy. According to the Swedish best-selling author Henning Mankell, the Israelis considered one of his razor blades a weapon since it was unused. Technically, they are of course right, since pretty much anything can be used as a weapon, but this is probably not what the US public thinks of when the Israeli propaganda machine speaks of weapons on board.

At a packed meeting in central London on Wednesday 9 June 2010, British volunteers on board the Freedom Flotilla gave their eye-witness accounts of what happened to them during and after the Israeli attack: The soldiers were shooting to kill. Several people who died could have been saved by timely treatment that was denied to them. Instead of evacuating the wounded, the commandos refused them vital help. People were shot with stun guns and beaten with truncheons. During the long hours sitting on deck, the captives were denied food, water and toilet rights. After a slow journey to the port of Ashdod, the activists were searched and thrown in prison. Even after two days in prison, wounded prisoners were still wearing the same blood-stained clothes they left the ships in. They had no food for 24 hours, just a few sips of water. Consular representatives from Greece, France, Spain and Macedonia could be heard shouting at the Israeli captors demanding the release of their compatriots, yelling that rights were not being respected, yelling for food, water and access to legal representation. From the British consul there was nothing.

Upon the return of the MV Mavi Marmara to Turkey, forensic teams identified some 250 bullet holes in the ship, many of which they claim were painted or plastered over by the State of Israel. A UNHRC fact-finding mission described six of the nine passengers’ deaths as summary execution by the Israeli commandos. The report also concluded that the Israeli soldiers were firing live rounds from the helicopter before they landed anyone on the ship.


Seldom has an act of aggression been so well advertised in advance. Former CIA analyst Ray Close blames US President Obama for not being tougher with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to begin with, arguing that coddling the Likud leader led to this atrocity. The Israeli authorities have still not announced a definitive list of those killed and wounded by their commandos. Typically of a psychopath, the Israeli Prime Minister has expressed no remorse. Instead he invents lies and makes false claims. Turkey is or at least was a friend of the State of Israel before the attack. After the Israeli mass murder, it has become more difficult for the Turkish government to show support for the Zionist state. Israeli forces found no military weapons on board the Turkish ship, as Turkey would not have allowed any. All passengers were required to pass through metal detectors before boarding. According to the latest reports, eight of those killed were Turkish citizens. One had US citizenship. Preliminary autopsy reports show that all bodies had bullet wounds. The men were shot a total of 30 times. At least one passenger was shot in the back of the head.

The Freedom Flotilla has succeeded in revealing the psychopathy of the Israeli state, which has claimed that Hamas and everyone else is to blame, while it – the occupying state – is not. The State of Israel has lied about the situation in Gaza and has at one time claimed the human rights activists had links to al-Qaeda (later retracted). The current State of Israel has no legitimacy. It is based on Zionism, a Satanical and racist movement, and illegal occupation. The Zionist state’s territory has been expanded through war and state terrorism and now occupies almost all of Palestine, but victory belongs to the oppressed, not the oppressors. It should of course be noted that many of its leaders have been no less Satanical than the Israeli regime, having entered into negotiations with Israeli officials more than once. According to the so called Palestine Papers leaked in 2011, the Palestine Authority (PA) in negotiations with the anti-Semitic state eventually agreed that the latter would only have to accept ten thousand of the four million Palestinian refugees, effectively nullifying the right of return for almost all them. Spiritually, there are of course no innocent victims. The idea of innocent victims is a diabolical lie fed irreligious people on their way to hell. The innocent are always fully protected by His Divine Grace.

Another accomplishment of the Freedom Flotilla is that it has called the diplomatic bluffs of the European governments, who have criticized the Israeli blockade of Gaza and condemned the Israeli attack on the aid convoy, but done nothing to ensure the safe passage of a peaceful mission to break the blockade, nor put in place any sanctions on the state, which is in violation of more UN resolutions than any other. Little is expected of a country which defends murder, invades others on a whim, and kills civilians in drone attacks, but of the non-nuclear states of Europe more is expected. The situation reminds of the time when Hitler was allowed to roam free, but just as the Nazi dictator ended in self-destruction, so will eventually the Zionist state (a huge difference of course lies in the amount of military aid the latter has received and continues to receive from foreign governments).

Terrorism has been a favorite buzz word among people in power a lot longer than some might think. According to a member of the Norwegian resistance movement, its people were called terrorists by the Nazi occupiers. To me, terrorism is an abuse of shared or greater freedom to harm or inflict fear in a population for political ends. This naturally leads to very limited public support, both at home and abroad. A typical example of this is ETA in Spain, which has killed over 800 individuals, injured thousands and undertaken dozens of kidnappings. The armed Basque nationalist and separatist organization consists of people that enjoy the same freedom as everyone else in Spain – a non-racist country. Its public support in the Basque Country is less than 5 percent and dwindling (or by now non-existant). The Hamas government, on the other hand, is democratically elected and fights against an extremely violent and racist Israeli occupation. So long as its use of violence is solely directed at the occupying state and those participating in, or supporting, the illegal occupation, it is a more or less violent resistance movement rather than a terrorist organization. Even the BBC (before its complete Zionist alignment) used to call Palestinians who were fighting Israeli occupation Freedom Fighters. In stark contrast, the Israeli war on Gaza was a terrorist act, killing more people – especially children – than all rockets ever fired by the Palestinians. Sanctions worked against the Apartheid state of South Africa, they can work against the Zionist state of Israel as well.

Legal Aspects

As to the legal aspects of the Israeli attack, Craig Murray, former UK Ambassador and one time Foreign Office specialist on maritime law, gave the following comment: That the incident took place on the high seas does not mean that international law is the only applicable law. The Law of the Sea is quite plain that, when an incident takes place on a ship on the high seas the applicable law is that of the flag state of the ship on which the incident occurred. In legal terms, the Turkish ship was Turkish territory. There are therefore two clear legal possibilities. If the Israeli commandos were acting on behalf of the government of Israel in killing the activists on the ships, Israel would be in a position of war with Turkey, and the act would fall under international jurisdiction as a war crime. If, on the other hand, the killings were not authorised by the Israeli military, they were acts of murder under Turkish jurisdiction and if Israel does not consider itself in a position of war with Turkey, then it must hand over the commandos involved for trial in Turkey under Turkish law.

Global Reactions

Countries around the globe have condemned the Israeli attack, some in stronger terms than others. One country has still to this day not offered any condemnation. Even more importantly, it has not even called for the lifting of the illegal blockade on Gaza. That country is the most hypocritical United States of America. Its secular government backs the secular State of Israel and continues its long-standing view on truth as something largely irrelevant or perhaps not really understood, even calling the attack a military operation, which it certainly would not have been called had it been carried out by another country, such as Iran.

According to the most renowned Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, the following countries have strongly condemned the attack: Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Lebanon, Mexico, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Syria, and of course Turkey. Also the EU and the Vatican have strongly condemned the attack. The following countries have less strongly condemned or criticized the attack: Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Thailand, the UK, as well as smaller countries of Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The United States frequently speaks of the Israeli state’s right to defend itself, but you never hear that the Palestinians have the same right, nor civilians sailing on International waters. The policy of the United States gives the State of Israel impunity to kill any number of Palestinians as well as foreign nationals both within and outside its borders.

Note: The US government also protects the State of Israel when it kills US soldiers (34 were murdered on the USS Liberty, 241 marines in Beirut, and an IDF sniper team has spread stories around Israel that they killed 400 US troops inside Iraq).

Public Protests

During a protest in Israel on 31 May 2010, the 21 year old US Jewish art student Emily Henochowicz was, according to witness, deliberately shot at with tear gas cannisters. She was hit in the face and so badly injured that her left eye had to be removed.

Most capitals around the globe saw public protests following the deadly Israeli attack, including Brussels, the capital of the EU, and even Washington, D.C. in the US. On Saturday 5 June 2010, thousands of people took to the streets of Britain with demonstrations in Edinburgh and London. According to the online edition of the Scottish newspaper The Herald, one of the world's oldest continuously-published English-language newspapers, rallies were also replicated in other cities around the world, including Dublin, Paris, Istanbul and Cairo.

On the same day, preliminary autopsy reports revealing that at least one victim had been shot in the back and at least five shots had been fired at very close range, less than half a meter, fueled protests in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, where tens of thousands took to the streets.

In Tel Aviv, the Israeli capital, more than 6 000 Israelis gathered to protest the Israeli raid, reported the online edition of Haaretz. The demonstrators carried banners saying: The government is drowning us all, Peace Now and Time for sanctions against Israel.

A Jewish American Perspective

In an interview for the US online newspaper The Huffington Post, comedienne Roseanne Barr offers a Jewish American perspective on the State of Israel, its occupation of Palestine, and the blockade of Gaza. Referring to Zogby polls, she states that eighty percent of young American Jews under the age of 30 are not Zionists. Barr identifies herself as an observant Jew, which supposedly means a Jew who practises Judaism. In the US, this is perhaps something just as rare as a Christian who practises Christianity.


All States shall cooperate to the fullest possible extent in the repression of piracy on the high seas or in any other place outside the jurisdiction of any State.
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

As of Saturday 5 June 2010, the latest ship to be hijacked by the Israeli military is the Irish-owned MV Rachel Corrie, a converted merchant ship bought by the Free Gaza Movement and named after a 23-year-old US peace activist from Olympia, Washington (Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003). The ship’s passengers were mostly women. Where were the European navy units to protect it from Israeli aggression and state piracy?

On Monday 7 June 2010, the English online edition of Der Spiegel published an article with eyewitness accounts of the Israeli raid. The same magazine predicts busy waters off the coast of Gaza this Summer. In July a German-Jewish Boat carrying school supplies and children’s clothing is to challenge the Israeli blockade. The organizers, the German branch of European Jews for a Just Peace, stated: We as Jews want to bring the Palestinians something other than bombs.

Viva Palestina has also announced new land and sea convoys to break the siege. Two simultaneous convoys – one by land and the other by sea – will set forth on Sunday 12 September 2010. The land convoy will leave from London and travel across Europe to Turkey, Syria and ultimately through the Rafah Gate into Gaza. The sea convoy will travel around the Mediterranean gathering ships, cargo, and volunteers from each country. The target is to enter Gaza with sixty ships.

On Monday 14 June 2010, EU foreign ministers urged Israel to lift the blockade on Gaza, now entering its fourth year, but put off concrete proposals until their next meeting next month. On Thursday 17 June 2010, the Israeli government said it would ease the land blockade and allow all food items, toys, stationery, kitchen utensils, mattresses and towels into Gaza. A little surprisingly, the US said the decision was a positive step but welcomed further loosening. The Hamas government and every sane person alive today called for a complete lifting of the blockade.

Starting Wednesday 23 June 2010, Swedish dock workers will no longer load and unload Israeli ships and goods to and from the State of Israel. The blockade is expected to last until 29 June. According to the Swedish news website Newsmill, the Swedish workers act in union with their Norwegian and South African colleagues in support of two self-evident demands directed at the State of Israel. Firstly, lift the blockade of Gaza, and secondly, allow an independent international investigation into the violent raid on the Freedom Flotilla.

As of tonight Thursday 24 June 2010, a Lebanese ship filled with humanitarian supplies and activists keen to break the Israeli siege of the Gaza Strip could depart the northern city of Tripoli within days or even hours. Also two Iranian aid ships will head for Gaza this month. According to a Jerusalem Post columnist, it may be best to let the flotillas through.

War on Gaza (2008/2009)

On 27 December 2008, the State of Israel began the first war on Gaza with a wave of airstrikes. Human rights groups critically note that the attacks began around the time children were leaving school, leading to many children among the first casualties. For more than two years preceding the attack, the Zionist state and Egypt had imposed a crippling siege on the Gaza Strip. Usually in war civilians have the option of becoming refugees, but because of the siege the people of Gaza had nowhere to flee. An Israeli ground invasion began on 3 January 2009. The Israelis used airstrikes, naval bombardment, land-based artillery and tanks against the civilian and largely defenceless population.

More than 1 400 people were killed by the Israeli military. At least 900 were civilians and 252 were children. A number of internationally prohibited weapons were used by the IDF, including white phosphorus and bombs with radioactive fragments. The use of these diabolic weapons, supplied by the US and the UK, was initially denied by the State of Israel. 5 000 homes, 16 government buildings, and 20 mosques were destroyed. 25 000 homes were damaged. An Israeli website has published wanted posters for the responsible war criminals with details on their crimes.

On 18 January 2009, the war ended with a unilateral ceasefire by the State of Israel. While the aggressor state continued building settlements and schools on occupied territory in outright violation of International law, the illegal blockade of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli and the Egyptian states made the rebuilding of homes, schools and mosques difficult at best.

Other Crimes

All the crimes committed by the Zionist (not to be confused with Jewish, although the Zionists certainly like to confuse the two terms) state against the Palestinians during six decades of occupation are too numerous to mention here. Even before the first War on Gaza, the number of Palestinians killed by Israelis far out-numbered Israelis killed by Palestinians (See: Wikipedia graph showing Israelis killed by Palestinians in Israeli-occupied territory and Palestinians killed by Israelis in Gaza, 2008).

One of the more disturbing Israeli crimes, and one only recently revealed, is the secret harvesting of organs from killed Palestinians in the ’90s. There are circumstances suggesting that organ harvesting without consent may have taken place more recently as well, but the Israeli military claims it does not happen anymore.

On the officially occupied West Bank, the State of Israel is in near total control. The standard of living is low, albeit better than in Gaza. The economic situation is affected negatively by the limitations on the freedom of movement imposed by Israeli road blocks and the continued expansion of the Israeli West Bank barrier, a wall akin to the one torn down in Berlin in 1989. The Israeli state also violates its own private property laws by carrying out construction of buildings and infrastructure on private lands belonging to Palestinian West Bank residents. Today, approximately 450 000 Israeli settlers live on the West Bank in violation of International humanitarian law.

Christians living in Palestine have published a moment of truth document inspired by the South Africa Kairos document launched in 1985. Incidently, last Christmas, the secular State of Israel only allowed a mere three hundred of the about three thousand Christians living in Gaza to celebrate the birth of Jesus in nearby Bethlehem.

Geopolitical Background

The proclaimed State of Israel is in violation of a number of UN resolutions without any sanctions, not to mention any war, imposed on it by the US or the UK. While Iraq was invaded illegally without any UN resolution against it, the Israeli state is instead of being threatened by invasion – given weapons paid for by US tax payers. The US government is unfortunately not alone in supplying arms to the Zionist regime. As of December 2012, the German government has so far delivered three nuclear-capable submarines to the occupying state and is about to deliver two more. To make things even worse, the three submarines already built and delivered were mostly or entirely paid for by the German taxpayers. On the others, the Zionist regime has received large discounts. A sixth submarine may be delivered next year. Although privately known for many years, it has recently become public knowledge that the terrorist-operated submarines carry nuclear-tipped cruise missiles (thanks to research carried out by and published in Der Spiegel, issue 23/2012).

Egypt under Hosni Mubarack was the number one torture state in the world and the second-biggest receiver of US aid after the State of Israel. The Egyptians suffered under a cruel dictatorship for three decades. In stark contrast, Iran with its democratically elected government is in violation of no UN resolutions, has never attacked another country, does not use torture, but its people still suffers from sanctions imposed by the United States. The US sanctions regime against Iran started in the early 1970s after the people of Iran overthrew the Shah, a puppet dictator listening to the US government. With the wicked and corrupt Shah gone, Iran began to sell its own oil and gas for its own profit. More recently, Iran’s vocal and material support for the Palestinians may play an increasingly important role. Iran is an imperfect democracy – the US a perfect kleptocracy. Unlike the US and the State of Israel, Iran has no nuclear weapons, nor any intention of acquiring such weapons (this according to both the Iranian government itself, as well as Western and Israeli intelligence agencies). According to the Leader of the Islamic republic of Iran, nuclear weapons are against the principles of Islam. Unlike the nuclear Zionist state, Iran is also a signatory to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the NPT. According to this treaty, all signatories have the right to uranium enrichment for peaceful purposes. The NPT also stipulates that those countries that already have nuclear weapons should engage in disarmament with the complete liquidation of all nuclear weapons and their delivery vehicles from national arsenals as the end goal. US President Obama has instead engaged his country in nuclear weapon refurbishment, costing the people of the United States 7,6 milliard dollars this year alone, a five percent increase over the fiscal year 2012.

The European Union has been critical of most of the US trade sanctions against Iran. Some EU Member States have criticized ILSA as a double standard in US foreign policy, in which the United States vigorously worked against the Arab League boycott of Israel while at the same time promoted a worldwide boycott of Iran. The EU Member States have threatened formal counter-action in the World Trade Organization (WTO).